COD4IS accompanies an INTERNATIONAL GROUP in the modernization of their Retail IS

Steering the project of modernizing the Retail IS with a new POS tool on iPad and centralized stock management in more than 300 European stores, such was the challenge faced by COD4IS!

Context and challenge of the mission

A RTW group decided to modernize their POS system throughout all of their European stores. They wanted to simplify and make more fluid boutique and e-commerce replenishment, global and inter-company orders and inter-boutique/warehouse product transfers all while optimizing the client experience, of course!

This decision consisted of implementing new, ‘digital-in-store’ solutions. Managing the customer relationship and accessing stock management via iPad gave much more mobility to sales staff in-boutique; while the project presented many challenges, the ultimate advantages were even more numerous!

COD4IS was entrusted with the global management of this international project.

Action proposed and completed by COD4IS

Throughout this mission of POW Assistance, COD4IS coordinates between the client, the software company and the providers based in different countries.

COD4IS orchestrates the steps and the participants taking into consideration the risks posed by the health crisis imposing closures and reopenings of boutiques in different countries.

For the client, COD4IS organizes and steers a full range of actions: audits of tests going through the acceptance of the solution and different interfaces.

Success factors of the mission

  • Advanced expertise in project management is necessary to make beneficial decisions, for coordinating providers of different sizes with diverse, multinational consultants located in multiple countries.
  • Adaptability, the sense of patience and active listening of the COD4IS teams in an unprecedented global context of the health crisis and in a client environment which is complex and changing.
  • The change management support via tailor made training delivered to IT teams, Support teams, Roll-out teams and boutique teams.
  • COD4IS has the proven experience of carrying out international missions.

Some of the results

  • Deployment of the POS solution in more than 300 boutiques in 7 countries in the middle of the health crisis.
  • Solid training for boutique teams for the best adoption of the new tools.
  • Enhanced mobility for teams within boutique for managing client relationships and stock management from tablets.
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